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Meerkat Maantuig


This is the official trailer for Meerkat Manntuig, one of the feature films Miriam has assisted on over the years. This project encompassed everything that makes filmmaking and storytelling magical.

                           43:03    The Wayde van Niekerk Story

These are the opening minutes of a documentary about South African athlete Wayde van Niekerk, world and Olympic record holder in the 400m sprint. The film tells the story of van Niekerk's journey from injury-plagued youngster to track and field's "golden boy", touching on his record-shattering race at the 2016 Olympics, as well as exploring the possibility of his becoming the first person in history to run 400m in under 43 seconds.



Every Word Is A Masterpiece

This short documentary about South African band Al Bairre is one of four pieces that formed the "Every Word Is A Masterpiece" series created for Sanlam Woordfees 2016.

South African Tourism

This one of several short videos created for a  South African Tourism campaign. Each one follows  a South African local as they explore what their  country has to offer.

BMW - Time Warp

Operation45 (Part 1)


Operation Smile is a charity that provides free surgeries for children born with cleft lips and palates. This online series documented the journey of two of these children during the 2016 Operation45 campaign in South Africa. The campaign's purpose was to raise awareness that it takes as little as 45 minutes to perform a cleft lip/palate surgery.

Operation45 (Part 2)

Operation45 (Part 3)



Zoe Modiga/Nao Serati

Same Parts, Same Heart

Matthew Mole


Pascal & Pearce ft. LCNVL

Film // Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Pro // Final Cut Pro

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